My goals upon starting the 3-month Pace to Race program were to be able to run 5 miles without breaks, lose some weight along the way, and cut back on my sugar intake. Stephanie was able to help me work towards these goals by giving me a training and meal plan that catered to my needs. My healthier lifestyle has given me more energy, less sugar cravings, and I make healthier food choices now and plan ahead of time instead of doing things spur of the moment. Stephanie was committed to helping me with my needs. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone that wants to get healthier, start running, lose weight, or just to feel good about yourself. I plan on working with Stephanie again later in the year to help me run my fastest half marathon!

Joyce Davenport, West Point, Tennessee

Stephanie helped my lose weight by encouraging me to stick to my weight watchers plan. She provided me with additional tools to keep me on track. Stephanie provided me with exercise tips and helped me set exercise goals that I worked toward and met. Now I am walking 3-7 miles every day. I have lost over 25 pounds. I was a size 12 when I started. Now I am a size 6. My body is tone and I feel great! I love my body now. Stephanie is positive, motivational and caring. I would recommend Stephanie to any one and everyone. She can help you with any goal you have. She is my rock star!

Kevra, Boca Raton, Florida

One of my goals upon starting the “Pace to the Race” program was to be comfortable with longer runs. Stephanie helped me work towards my goals and hold me accountable. She also helped me set a new goal, which is to run a full marathon in the spring of 2017. My biggest change during the program has been that I’m enjoying longer runs and am not shying away from running solo. I would describe Stephanie as very helpful and full of knowledge. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone. She has been easy to talk to and bounce ideas and concerns to.

Martha Sholty, Indiana

I asked Stephanie Scocchera to be a guest speaker for a ladies program for the Grand Master of Masons of Florida visit to Broward County on 10/24/15. I’ve known Stephanie for over a year and she mentioned she has several wellness topics she could discuss. We chose “Increasing Energy” since I anticipated a diverse audience of ladies and thought it would be appropriate for anyone. We all could use increased energy!. She started by having everyone stretch, showing it is one thing people can do to increase their energy. She then proceeded to a very information, light-hearted, discussion highlighting 13 ways to increase energy. She engaged the audience from the beginning to share their thoughts, encouraged questions and feedback, some of which was very enlightening. The ladies enjoyed the presentation and a couple of them signed up for a free consultation which Stephanie offers to anyone.

Overall, she was very well received, very professional, engaging and was an excellent speaker. I would love to attend any of Stephanie’s presentations and learn of her other topics and will highly recommend her to others. I was very pleased! Thank you, Stephanie!!

Karen Dixon, Pembroke Pines, Florida

My top goal upon starting the runner’s program was to “fine tune” my training, increase my speed/pace, and run a half marathon. Stephanie was able to help me work toward this goal by creating a training and meal plan that was effective and realistic. She helped me to “change things” and get out of the rut. I actually reduced my days of running and reached my goals! Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge. I have noticed that I’ve been running farther and faster! I have had two PRs!!!! Stephanie is simply amazing!!! This girl is meant to be a coach. She was professional, yet friendly. I literally had a cheerleader in my corner at all times. She answered every question and was readily available. I never felt like a bother and she was always accommodating and understanding. I loved that she regularly checked in on me and my progress. She is encouraging, but never pushy. I would recommend Stephanie to EVERYONE!!! She is wonderful about listening to individual needs/wants and creating a personalized plan. I am so glad I found Stephanie and worked with her! In 6 weeks I cannot believe the progress I made!!! It was just what my training needed! I know that when I decide it is time to train for a full marathon I will work with her and succeed!!!

Janelle Finnie, Cleveland, Ohio

Stephanie helped me work towards my goals by guiding and educating me. She also provided me with new ideas and ways to hold myself more accountable. Since beginning the program, I have a stronger sense of awareness and I am more conscious of the choices I make. Stephanie is helpful, kind, and very positive. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs to kick start their life!

Tricia Carron, Boca Raton, Florida

Stephanie helped me reach my goals by sending encouraging texts and providing examples of healthy foods. Since the beginning of the Group Program, my eating habits have improved. I would describe Stephanie as encouraging, helpful, and flexible. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is looking to eat and feel healthy. Thank you for your help and for believing in me!

Amanda Claussen, Davie, Florida

My goal upon starting the runner’s program was to run my very first half marathon in 2.5 hours or less. Stephanie was able to help me work toward this goal by developing a suggested workout program that was easily attainable and able to be adjusted when life got in the way. I have noticed that my body has leaned up due to the clean eating and workout program that was designed…it really is amazing what clean eating will do for your body! Stephanie is a friendly, successful, dedicated, and driven coach! She will do what it takes to help her clients succeed and accomplish their goals. I would recommend Stephanie to anyone who is “lost” in the running world. Stephanie has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to training for distance events. She can develop a clean eating plan for any level of person interested in this lifestyle.

Brianna Ward, Killeen, Texas