Brides – My Niche Market

My husband and I were married on March 16, 2013, so just a little bit over a year and a half ago. Our engagement was LONG, but that was exactly how I wanted it! From our engagement to the day we were married, over a year and a half had passed as well. I am a lover of planning and organizing, so prepping for one of the most important days of my life was an undertaking that I knew would take time. I am extremely detail-oriented and a tad bit of a perfectionist (just a tad ­čśë ), so our engagement was an ideal length of time for me to set the wedding up just as I wanted to. Throughout the preparation, I attended a handful of bridal shows and thoroughly enjoyed them. I actually told my Mom that I’d miss going to them when all was said and done!!

Well, at that time, I didn’t realize I’d be back!!

On Sunday, October 19th from 12:00-4:00 PM, I will be a vendor, Stephanie Scocchera Harmonious Health, at the Great Bridal Expo taking place at the Bonaventure Country Club in Weston, FL!!

After becoming a Certified Health Coach, it dawned on me that there were NO coaches at the bridal shows that I enjoyed so much! Duh!! It’s perfect! EVERYONE could use a Health Coach, but brides NEED a Health Coach on their journey to the altar! Here’s why:

1. Looking Your Best┬á– Think of the thousands of photos taken on the day of a wedding! Brides spend countless hours deciding on the perfect dress, the perfect hair, and the perfect makeup, but what about the foundation? Your body is the foundation for all of those other details. Taking care of your health and fitness will ensure that a bride looks her very best from the inside-out.

2. Handling Stress┬á– Up to this point in a young woman’s life, she has most likely not dealt with the amount of stress that comes along with planning a wedding. I love my program because of its holistic nature. Optimal health starts within, at your very core and spirit. I teach my clients valuable relaxation techniques and offer tips on how to manage stress in a way that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

3. Ideal Timeframe┬á– My most popular and effective Health Coaching program lasts for six months…a program that can fit perfectly into a bride’s preparation timeline! Typically, the first three months focus on getting the nutrion right and losing weight. Then, the second half of the program generally includes a continuation of weight-loss (depending on the individual’s goals), toning, fitness, and setting the client on the path to easily maintain a healthy lifestyle…FOREVER!! Post-honeymoon!!

So there you have it! Brides are the perfect client for me!! Honestly, I think most brides would agree that they could greatly benefit from the aid of a Health Coach. Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day…and I’m happy to help!! If you know any brides looking for help with weight-loss and feeling their best, please send them my way! Remember, I take clients all across the country!!

May you always live in harmonious health!
Steph ­čÖé

PS – Check out the Great Bridal Expo’s site.


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