Metabolism – Controllable or Not?

Metabolism 101Interesting, right? Whenever I see something regarding metabolism, I have to find out more. I feel like this topic above many others is SO back and forth! Yes, many nutrition topics are two-sided–meaning for every, “Yes, that’s great!” there’s a, “No, that’s terrible!” Definitely an area that I consider to be shaded gray, so YOU must be the judge. Can we control our metabolism? After reading so much about it, I’m still not sure! But there are some concepts listed above that intuitively, I feel are true…keep on reading if you want to hear my take. ­čśë

1. Hydration┬á– The number one thing that I focus on when taking on a new health coaching client is water intake. It is #1, numero uno, muy importante!! When you up your daily water intake to at least 64 ounces, every system in your body seems to function a little bit (or a whole lot!) better. So yes, I’m sure water intake does effect metabolism somehow.

2. Sleep┬á– A very key component to good health, ranking right at the top of the list with water, is catching your zzzz’s. Sleep, and when I say sleep, I mean good, quality, deep, peaceful, REM sleep, is necessary for restoring your body. Your body NEEDS a break! Think about it…your body works day in and day out (even when you’re sleeping) to keep on going. Sleep resets your body, so I feel like it, too, can impact your metabolism–good or bad.

3. Physical Activity┬á– Logically, this factor makes the most sense to me. During exercise, whatever kind you’re doing, your heart is pumping faster. It just makes sense that yes, this would effect your metabolism. Your heart, arguably your most important organ, is trying to keep up and maintain a homeostasis, so during exercise, you’re pushing its limits. That’s the point of exercise! And so yes, I think physical activity for sure can effect your metabolism.

Again, metabolism is a weird, tricky topic. There are a few things above that I’m not completely convinced of. One being eating throughout the day. I caution my clients who insist on grazing throughout the day; oftentimes, they’re eating much more than they should be consuming. Also, blaming genetics…that’s another one that I tend to not be completely sold on. Sure, genetics play a part, but I think people hold onto it as a crutch and forget that they DO have control. Never forget how much power you have. Your health is not destined for doom if your parents health is doomed. Make a change! Start now. ­čÖé

May you live in harmonious health,
Stephanie ­čÖé


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