Stuffing with Stuffing – The Aftermath!

21-Day Fix- Stuffing

‘Tis the season! Well, many of you may wish you’d seen this photo before the activities of Thursday…or maybe not! I know for me, I dedicate Thanksgiving and possibly two other days throughout the year to satisfying my love of delicious (not nutritious!) food. So no regrets! But now, what? The 21-Day Fix is a magnificent weight-loss program for many reasons. Here are my highlights of what to expect:

1. Portion Control – I can only eat foods in those itty-bitty things?? You’re kidding, right?! Okay before you flip, give it a try! Most people find that they need to eat much more towards the end of the day because they’re eating MORE than they typically do over the course of a day. That was my experience and others have shared the same with me. 🙂

2. An Entire Fitness Program – And not just any fitness program–the awesome superstar trainer, Autumn Calabrese, is with you every step (and burpee!) of the way! You will NOT get bored with these DVDs! There’s a huge variety of exercises ranging from Pilates, to yoga, to a focus on the upper body, a focus on the lower body, plyometric moves, weighted cardio, etc!! This was big for me because I tend to get bored very easily if I don’t switch up my workout from time to time.

3. Habit Modification – After the 21 days end, you may have changed your unhealthy habits for good. Once you know something, how can you “un-know” it? You know how to eat properly, you know what it takes to attain proper nutrition throughout the day, and you know how to work out to tone your body. This is a lifestyle change, so be ready for it!

Whether Thanksgiving left you feeling bloated or content, now is the time to get back on track. Yes, the 21-Day Fix does take some work–reading through the materials, prepping your food weekly/nightly, etc., but the rewards are endless. If this weight-loss program truly causes a lifestyle change for you, all of the work is completely worth it. 🙂

May you live in harmonious health!
Stephanie 🙂


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