Lessons from San Francisco

Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do! While it can be a costly hobby, it’s definitely one of the most rewarding. When I travel, I always try to take back something with me—and I don’t necessarily mean something tangible (although souvenirs are great!). I mean lessons, new concepts, new outlooks, and different perspectives on topics that I’ve been familiar with maybe even for a while. From June 18th-23rd, my hubby and I traveled to San Francisco and the neighboring areas. I took back a lot with me and I know he did, too. Here are the lessons learned and how I plan to incorporate them into my everyday life…

1. Cycling Reminds Me of Running– I’m a huge fan of running and have been feeling the need to add cycling into my fitness regimen ever since my hubby took up the sport about two years ago. It looks like SO much fun! You get your gear together, you meet up with others, you form a pack, and you go! However, I already do so much as far as fitness is concerned. How can I possibly fit one more activity (and an expensive one at that!) into my already packed exercise routine? Well, I’m still unsure of the answer to that question, but I did get a taste of cycling (nothing even remotely hardcore!), but a taste nonetheless, while staying in San Fran. I had the awesome opportunity to ride across the Golden Gate Bridge!! My favorite part of the ride was not the actual act of going across the bridge. In fact quite the contrary; my hair was all in my face and I could barely see where I was going! Essentially, I walked beside my bike across the bridge!! The part I loved most was riding up the hills to get to the bridge and then, to reach Sausalito after the bridge!! What a workout!! I quickly learned that as you approach a hill, you have to gather speed, so that you can actually get up the hill. The first hill was a no-go! I didn’t realize I had to switch gears and ended up walking up the hill beside my bike LOL! But on all the other hills, I was able to ride up and they felt amazing! The burn in your legs is incredible!! So similar to running, I love the hills. For me, in both sports, the hills represent a challenge and I’m always up for one of those!

2. Love What You Eat and Eat Only What You Love– San Fran has great food, so many non-chain restaurants, and most San Franciscans are foodies. I’ve always wanted to be a so-called “foodie” because it sounds so fun. All of my friends who claim to be foodies ARE very fun people who love life. While I love finding excellent restaurants and dining out in general, I feel that my hesitation to really indulge in rich foods has held me back from reaching true foodie status! Well I learned during my visit, that I am a “healthy foodie!” I love to indulge in the finest, tastiest foods that are considered nutritious to most. Healthy food is delicious—I know this; but healthy food can also be indulgent!! I plan to keep that feeling of indulgence and maintain my “healthy foodie” status by appreciating only the best fruits, veggies, fish, and nut butters (of course!) 🙂

3. Noise Pollution Is a Real Thing– For a long time now, I’ve known that I crave a quiet, sometimes silent environment. As a teacher, a healthy buzz of sound in the classroom was alright, but mostly I feel that to reach true concentration, one needs quiet…peace and quiet. On one of our excursions, we went to Muir Woods. Wow! What natural beauty! Mother Nature’s work is truly awesome and abundant in this well-preserved park. The sense of respect that I felt in the woods was immense. I didn’t want to touch anything because everything is so perfectly intact. Not only that, but I respected the sound, or lack thereof. In my everyday life, I appreciate silence and keeping talking to a minimum, but in the woods, even though I could talk all day about its magnificence, I felt a deep urge to respect the area and whispered only when I could not contain myself! So yes, we keep a very low volume in our home (except when I turn on the blender to make my Shakeology!), but to take this lesson home with me, I intend to respect the environments I am in by talking less and listening more when outside of my home. I think I will really become even more conscious of noise pollution in the outside world and will be able to avoid it more.

If you’re anything like me, you start talking about your next adventure towards the end of your current vacation! One of the most exciting parts of travel can be the anticipation as the vacation approaches. This may seem like I’m not living in the moment, and I suppose I’m not for that little portion of time, but in my opinion, if you’re able to take lessons back home with you from your travels, you had to be in the moment reflecting at some point. I hope you enjoy your travels this summer and learn a lot about yourself in the process. 🙂

May you live in harmonious health!

Steph 🙂


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