Making the Case for Running

Making the Case for Running

Recently, I saw this pic regarding running as an expensive form of exercise. Yes, I can agree, but no, I disagree!! My major point is that running doesn’t HAVE to be expensive! And there are far too many pluses surrounding running to discount it as an awesome part of your fitness/mental health (!) regimen. In writing this post, I began by brainstorming all the ways that running can be expensive and then, I realized…I don’t care! I love running too much to mention all of the reasons it can be costly. Rather, I’m going to highlight all the reasons that running is awesome! I’m going to give my top three explanations of why although running can be pricey, I don’t care (ha!) and I encourage you to do it anyway!! Here we go…

1. Moving Meditation– Yes, running is exercise and it keeps you physically healthy, but it can also keep you mentally healthy…sane even! Often times, when I’m working through a problem, I sleep on it—I ask a higher power for a solution and usually awake with an answer! Magic! 🙂 Similarly, I’ve began runs dealing with an issue and by the run’s finish, I’ve heard a song or simply listened to the talk in my head long enough that all has been sorted out. I used to practice actual hard-core meditation, sitting still on my meditation pillow, and found it to be amazing for mental clarity. Then, for whatever reason, it absolutely wasn’t working anymore. All the voices and images were popping into my head too often to release them quickly enough. It occurred to me that running offers me the same results that I was receiving from my meditation when it was actually effective. And so began running as my “moving meditation”. 🙂

2. Go Do It…1-2-3!– That’s how it all began! Once upon a time, a girl had been overweight for years. This girl lost 35 pounds without fitness; only clean eating and portion control. This girl started yoga and became obsessed!! This girl became strong (because whoever says yoga does not build muscles has not done it long enough!) This girl started loving fitness and yearning for more! One day, this girl did not feel like going to the gym where she took her yoga classes and craved the outdoors. It dawned on this girl to throw on her sneakers and run outside until she decided she had completed a great workout. This girl fell in love with running and lived happily ever after! I’m the girl…duh! That’s an abridged version of how my running journey began about nine years ago and my point in telling it is that running requires very minimal preparation. I literally knew nothing about running. I had a pair of sneakers (not specialized, fitted running shoes!), threw them on, and my love for running instantly began. 🙂

3. The Runner’s High– Most runners talk of this and it’s one of those things that you can only know it when you experience one. I can attempt to describe it to you, but it does it no justice. Still, I will try. 🙂 It’s a sudden chill through intense heat. It’s a momentary sense of ease when you’ve struggled from the first mile. It’s a state of euphoria when you’ve wondered why you’d been running from the moment your run began. Sometimes its impact is so grand that it can lead you to tears. My most clear runner’s high when I didn’t have to question if that was indeed what had happened occurred when I reached mile 12 of my first half marathon, the Ft. Lauderdale A1A Half Marathon in February 2013. I was running, but all of my surroundings stood still…a near out-of-body experience. I knew instantly that I was about to accomplish this huge endeavor and the hormones which cause a runner’s high completely took over my body. Running became effortless and I knew I would never stop. 🙂

So are you sold? True—running can be expensive, but most hobbies/sports are! These are the things that offer us physical activity, bring us joy, and allow us to express ourselves in ways that we may not be able to otherwise. Similar to anything of this nature, when you desire it so badly, you will find a way to make it happen. Start saving your pennies! Start a running fund where instead of partaking in an unhealthy habit, (a cup of Starbuck’s, a bottle of wine, etc.) you put that money towards your healthy running habit.

How do you save for all of your running expenses? I’m always looking to learn about new, creative ways! Post below!

May you live in harmonious health!

Steph 🙂


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