Go Outside!

Go Outside!

Can I tell you a secret?! I would love to be one of those girls who loves to be outside, laying on the grass, canoeing in the wild outdoors, swimming in the ocean, but alas, this simply is not me…yet. Please understand—I truly love nature and have so much respect for the gorgeous landscapes that I’ve seen in my days, but for as much as I would love to be rough, rugged, and dirty, I love to be clean, pretty, and not sweaty (unless I’m working out!) Also, keep in mind that I realize that all of these qualities can coexist harmoniously in the same being. It’s been quite the internal battle for me and I’m blogging about this topic to encourage you to get out there because the benefits of the outdoors are endless, but I also write to motivate and convince myself that I belong outside (at least for a little while each day). So why should we go out into the open air? Let’s discuss!

1. Inner Peace- To me, peace includes a sense of belonging to something much greater than my little world that I involve myself in most of the time. That is until I step outside! When I really settle into nature (not simply walking from my front door to the car!), I remember that the universe is so wondrous and there is so much more to life than our phones, media, and the hype that presents itself nearly all of the waking hours. I can glance inward and although it makes me feel so small because the outdoors can be so grand, I am humbled, find clarity, and am at peace.

2. Mood Booster- Ever get so completely sick of the rain? Often times, when it rains consistently for days, a feeling of moodiness and near depression strikes me. Yes, rain sometimes prevents me from completing particular tasks, so when storms linger for days at a time, I get super antsy and irritated! This is because being in the outdoors is a mood booster. Once the showers clear and I can bask in the sun (even for a few minutes), my outlook almost instantly improves. Being in nature, has this exact effect on most, so if you’re feeling gloomy or get in an argument with someone, whatever the case may be, get out there and see how your mood shifts from dark to bright! 🙂

3. Vitamin D- Finally, there’s vitamin D. For years now it seems, vitamin D has been a hot topic! Do I get enough by merely being outside for ten minutes? Do I receive the daily value by sitting in my car and allowing the sun to reflect off of my window onto me? Will wearing too much sunblock prevent the vitamin D absorption? Ahhh! Health is so confusing sometimes! For every yes, there is always a no and usually both the yes and the no are accurate! This is where we must allow our own intuition and common sense to take over. My gut tells me to be outdoors and not to worry about how much vitamin D my skin is collecting. Go outside for a while, but not for too long. Play around with it! We’re all little science experiments aren’t we?! Grab some vitamin D outside and then get the rest through the foods you eat. And then, if you are still lacking, supplementation works too. 🙂

Oh how I love those outdoorsy folk who garden, climb mountains, and are always up for the latest, greatest adventure in nature! In my defense, I have a lot of skin issues and allergic reactions. The bugs LOVE me and if one more person tells me it’s because I’m so sweet, I might totally lose it! 😀 LOL I also have fears—of those same bugs, of fish touching me in the ocean, of heights, all of which I would really love to get over one of these days. I’m a work in progress like the rest of you. In the meantime, I will continue to run outdoors, sit in the sun with friends, enjoy a meal al fresco, and seek outdoor adventures wherever my travels take me. Practice makes perfect, right?!
Are you one of my nature-loving friends who can’t get enough of the great outdoors? I’d love to read about your experiences and adventures with Mother Nature! Post below!

May you live in harmonious health!

Steph 🙂


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