Be Better Than Revenge

We have all been wronged from time to time. From a stranger’s rude comment to a loved one’s major mistake, things happen to us. While I generally have been blessed and have not encountered many of these situations personally, I have dealt with a few minor blows here and there. I have quickly learned to rephrase the above notion of “something happening to me,” to “something happening for me.” There is a lesson to be learned from every wrong and every right in your life. When something is happening for me, I can almost, dare I say, see it as a gift being given to me. When your outlook transforms a bad into a good, it becomes almost impossible to take revenge. So in my opinion, revenge is not cool. Allow me to explain more…

1. Consider It a Gift– The world is not out to get you! Unless you are out to “get” the world. What I mean by that is if you walk around with a scowl, make rude comments to others, etc., those same gestures will find you. It’s inevitable! It’s karma…it’s a real thing for sure. The energy you bring to the world is exactly what you get in return. When you view the wrongdoings of others as blessings or gifts, it is easy to see the point in it all. Ask, “Why did this happen? What will happen because of this?” There’s always a silver lining. You must choose to see it. It is always there.

2. Silent Revenge May Be Okay– I do recognize how challenging this could be! “So what you’re saying, Steph, is the next time someone treats me poorly, I should thank them for the gift?!” I know how outlandish it sounds! If you feel like you may struggle with zero retaliation, here’s an option to set you on the path towards inner peace. Refrain from seeking revenge through your words. Rather, seek retaliation by being AWESOME! Your thoughts are certainly powerful and do have meaning, but thoughts expressed as words can be so hurtful. Remember what Momma said, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” But if you’re silent about it, no one will ever know. 😉

3. Use the “Wrong” as Fuel for Betterment– I sort of hinted at this point above. After you consider what the lesson is, consider how you can rise above, be bigger than this circumstance, and simply put, be better. Ignite a fire within (surely you’ll be upset and/or angered by the offense!) Take these emotions and use them to drive you, to empower you, to be the best version of you…You 2.0. Rather than opting for revenge, consider this an exercise in character building and talent development. Push yourself to be thankful for the original misconduct. I bet you will be when you see how much better you become.

If you achieve this much, congratulations! You are better than most! Someone mistreated you and you took the so-called “high road.” You’re a winner…almost. To me, the ultimate “revenge” is forgiveness. You never have to forget, but when you forgive, you are no longer the wrong-doer’s prisoner and you…are…free. That is the ultimate and you are a true champion. 🙂

How do you handle mistreatment—by taking revenge or seeking self-improvement? I don’t judge! We are always doing the best we can in any given situation. 😉 I’d love to see how you deal! Post below!

May you live in harmonious health!

Steph 🙂


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