World’s “Okayest” Runner

Are you ready? Here’s a secret…I am not perfect and I have serious personality flaws that I’m working on improving. These quirks are not terribly weird, but as a recovering perfectionist, it’s a big step in the right direction to allow you to see this secret imperfect side of mine. There actually is a list of character flaws (most of which have to do with my struggles dealing with perfectionism), but today I will only highlight one (even though I know you’re dying to read about all of the things that could possibly be wrong with me LOL). It is a challenge for me to take up hobbies that I am not naturally good at, such as running. I like to be the best, the number one, the “awesomest” at everything I do. So when taking on running years ago, I finally found something that I’m certainly not the best at, but I’m definitely not the worst at. I’m probably the most “okayest” runner I know! And shockingly, I’m alright with this most of the time. I’ve found that I enjoy running enough that although I’m not the best, it doesn’t matter all that much to me! I tend to only experience the struggle with whole-heartedly loving running when I start to compare myself to other runners, which I realize is of course the most ridiculous thing to do. I preach “we’re on our own special journey,” so it would be totally hypocritical of me to go against this deep-rooted belief. But like I said, the majority of the time I am perfectly cool with being the “okayest” and that is because running is far too special to me otherwise. Here are the reasons why I’m okay with being the most “okayest” runner:

1. Moving Meditation– Recently, I started back up with practicing meditation. I need some sort of grounding in my life and traditional meditation is the perfectly suited for this. I focus on my breath and when my mind wanders (because it definitely does), I forgive myself and bring my focus back to the sensation of my breath. For a time, I was too preoccupied with daily tasks and this usual form of meditation was not working very well, but now I’m back. However, during my hiatus from this typical form of meditation, I began to consider running my “moving meditation.” I focused on my tunes and my breathing. This unorthodox meditation allows the energy to really flow with all of the constant deep breathing, especially in the thick wall of Florida humidity that I run through. Where the traditional form of meditation is grounding, running is energizing, so I believe there’s room for both.

2. Cardio– Another “Stephie Factoid”—I have not always loved working out! Eleven years ago, I lost 35 pounds and before that, exercise was not a passion of mine. In high school, running one mile around a track made me physically ill on numerous occasions. Now, I’ve ran seven half marathons and PRed with 24:35 for my quickest 5k. I have come FAR! True—I’ve heard way more impressive times and know people who are so wildly passionate about running that they run hundreds of miles in a month, but I recognize how far I’ve come, so that makes me happy and that’s all I need. If that means I’m the “okayest,” I’m cool with that! Nowadays, I love working out and doing cardio especially! I have found that running is my favorite form of cardio and I know it’s important to include some sort of cardiovascular activity in your fitness routine, so ding, ding, ding! Running works for me even though I’m only okay at it. 🙂

3. Motivation– Finally, I recognize how running always keeps me going. I also use this tactic with my clients! When I register for a race, it’s a constant reminder that I need to stick to some sort of training plan. I have had clients register for races when they’re seeking that extra push to move forward or hop back on the wagon. I enjoy food, but looking at food as fuel (which is what I encourage my clients to do) helps me to make healthy eating choices. It’s MUCH more challenging to run well when your diet is composed of junk food. So although I may be just an okay runner, the sport provides me with tons of motivation—motivation to improve and motivation to eat clean. Plus, I have met so many INCREDIBLE runners who push me to be better, more than just okay. Somebody has to be the “okayest” runner though and I will gladly accept the title. 🙂

Many may feel that I’m being hard on myself and that may be true, but believe me—I’m one of my biggest fans. We have to love ourselves or no one else will! I’m aware of my strengths, I’m aware of my weaknesses, and I’m very much aware of my okay-ness! I believe that this self-actualization is truthful and real. So please allow me to officially declare myself the “okayest” runner around!! Thank you, thank you! Please, sit down! 😉
Do you struggle with perfectionism? What are you the “okayest” at? I’d love to hear if you can relate! Post below!

May you live in harmonious health!

Steph 🙂


2 thoughts on “World’s “Okayest” Runner

  1. Janelle says:

    I can relate with a form of perfectionism. I really enjoy playing sports! I had chalked it up to being very competitive, but in the end I only look at myself as “I could have done much better”. I am my biggest critic! Lol. This was a great read! Thank you 😊


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