Personal Training

Maybe you have clean eating and nutrition under control, but need to work on your fitness?

Let’s do it! I have a ton of creative ideas for ALL levels of fitness–beginners to advanced. As your Personal Trainer, we can work on:

muscular endurance, muscular strength, calisthenics, basic cardio, plyometrics, high intensity interval training, circuit training, flexibility, coordination, balance, agility, and so much more!

  1. I work with individuals in their homes! So simple! You don’t need to go anywhere! If you have some equipment, great! If not, I will bring the “gym” to you! My sessions are approximately 55 minutes long, will get you sweaty, will get your heart racing, and will make your muscles burn!
  2. In addition, I work with groups AND I will come to your place of work! All we need is a room and at least three committed individuals. One thing to check off of your to-do list before even getting home after a day of work! Plus, it’s a blast working out with friends/co-workers. It builds community, camaraderie, and keeps you accountable for reaching your fitness goals because you want to be there for each other. I especially love working with teachers because of my background as an elementary school teacher for ten years.

Contact me by phone/text- 954-558-6578 or through email- Let’s create a plan for your fitness!