Maybe you are looking to incorporate fitness and spirituality or looking to begin a meditation practice?

Let’s do it! As your Yoga Teacher, we can work on:

building strength, flexibility, connecting the mind, body, and spirit, breathing properly, releasing toxins, improving circulation, lessening mental chatter and meditation!

  1. I offer private client sessions in the comfort of your own home! So simple! You don’t need to go anywhere! I will provide any helpful yoga props. My sessions are approximately 1 hour long.
  2. In addition, I work with groups AND I will come to your place of work! All we need is a room and at least three committed individuals. One thing to check off of your to-do list before even getting home after a day of work! Plus, it’s so beautiful sharing your yoga practice with friends/co-workers. It builds community, camaraderie, and keeps you accountable for reaching your goals because you want to be there for each other. I especially love working with teachers because of my background as an elementary school teacher for ten years and understanding how desperately teachers need yoga.

Contact me by phone/text- 954-558-6578 or through email Let’s commence your beautiful yoga journey!