World’s “Okayest” Runner

Are you ready? Here’s a secret…I am not perfect and I have serious personality flaws that I’m working on improving. These quirks are not terribly weird, but as a recovering perfectionist, it’s a big step in the right direction to allow you to see this secret imperfect side of mine. There actually is a list of character flaws (most of which have to do with my struggles dealing with perfectionism), but today I will only highlight one (even though I know you’re dying to read about all of the things that could possibly be wrong with me LOL). It is a challenge for me to take up hobbies that I am not naturally good at, such as running. I like to be the best, the number one, the “awesomest” at everything I do. So when taking on running years ago, I finally found something that I’m certainly not the best at, but I’m definitely not the worst at. I’m probably the most “okayest” runner I know! And shockingly, I’m alright with this most of the time. I’ve found that I enjoy running enough that although I’m not the best, it doesn’t matter all that much to me! I tend to only experience the struggle with whole-heartedly loving running when I start to compare myself to other runners, which I realize is of course the most ridiculous thing to do. I preach “we’re on our own special journey,” so it would be totally hypocritical of me to go against this deep-rooted belief. But like I said, the majority of the time I am perfectly cool with being the “okayest” and that is because running is far too special to me otherwise. Here are the reasons why I’m okay with being the most “okayest” runner: Continue reading


Anywhere Moves

It’s the summer—prime time for travel, vacation, and fun in the sun! And you deserve it! You’ve worked so hard all year and now activity seems to have reached a lull in the office anyway, so why not head out of town? Perfect! But wait…don’t leave your workout behind! You’ve most likely worked your bootie of too to look good in the sun and feel confident around friends and relatives you haven’t seen in a while. So why stop working out now? You can easily incorporate quick and effective workouts while traveling before you start each day of the trip! Let go of excuses! Here are three moves that are useful and can be done anywhere: Continue reading

Be Better Than Revenge

We have all been wronged from time to time. From a stranger’s rude comment to a loved one’s major mistake, things happen to us. While I generally have been blessed and have not encountered many of these situations personally, I have dealt with a few minor blows here and there. I have quickly learned to rephrase the above notion of “something happening to me,” to “something happening for me.” There is a lesson to be learned from every wrong and every right in your life. When something is happening for me, I can almost, dare I say, see it as a gift being given to me. When your outlook transforms a bad into a good, it becomes almost impossible to take revenge. So in my opinion, revenge is not cool. Allow me to explain more… Continue reading

Go Outside!

Go Outside!

Can I tell you a secret?! I would love to be one of those girls who loves to be outside, laying on the grass, canoeing in the wild outdoors, swimming in the ocean, but alas, this simply is not me…yet. Please understand—I truly love nature and have so much respect for the gorgeous landscapes that I’ve seen in my days, but for as much as I would love to be rough, rugged, and dirty, I love to be clean, pretty, and not sweaty (unless I’m working out!) Also, keep in mind that I realize that all of these qualities can coexist harmoniously in the same being. It’s been quite the internal battle for me and I’m blogging about this topic to encourage you to get out there because the benefits of the outdoors are endless, but I also write to motivate and convince myself that I belong outside (at least for a little while each day). So why should we go out into the open air? Let’s discuss! Continue reading

I <3 Yoga!

I ❤ Yoga!

For me, yoga is where fitness began. I lost 35 pounds about 11 years ago without exercise. Once I reached my goal weight, it became very evident that I would have to start incorporating some kind of exercise. Like most, I leaned towards an activity I figured I’d be good at! I’d danced for years growing up and was certain I was still flexible enough for yoga. And so my journey began! I’ve loved yoga ever since and at this time, my perspective regarding yoga has almost completely changed. Where I used to view yoga as a workout, I now see yoga as my recovery; how I fix my body after all of my actual workouts. Yoga is a beautiful practice and I believe it belongs in nearly everyone’s fitness regimen. Let me explain why… Continue reading

Making the Case for Running

Making the Case for Running

Recently, I saw this pic regarding running as an expensive form of exercise. Yes, I can agree, but no, I disagree!! My major point is that running doesn’t HAVE to be expensive! And there are far too many pluses surrounding running to discount it as an awesome part of your fitness/mental health (!) regimen. In writing this post, I began by brainstorming all the ways that running can be expensive and then, I realized…I don’t care! I love running too much to mention all of the reasons it can be costly. Rather, I’m going to highlight all the reasons that running is awesome! I’m going to give my top three explanations of why although running can be pricey, I don’t care (ha!) and I encourage you to do it anyway!! Here we go… Continue reading

Lessons from San Francisco

Traveling is one of my absolute favorite things to do! While it can be a costly hobby, it’s definitely one of the most rewarding. When I travel, I always try to take back something with me—and I don’t necessarily mean something tangible (although souvenirs are great!). I mean lessons, new concepts, new outlooks, and different perspectives on topics that I’ve been familiar with maybe even for a while. From June 18th-23rd, my hubby and I traveled to San Francisco and the neighboring areas. I took back a lot with me and I know he did, too. Here are the lessons learned and how I plan to incorporate them into my everyday life… Continue reading

Rest Day…But Do I Have To??

Rest Day… But Do I Have To??

I’ve been working out for approximately eleven years now!! Pretty awesome and time certainly does fly! Throughout these years, I’ve always been consistent. However, at times, I am certainly more motivated than others. During these times, I generally like to “go with it,” and work out like a crazy lady…every single day…sometimes twice a day! I figure I’m motivated right NOW, so right NOW, I’m going to work out because it’s what feels right. Any logical person knows though, that this behavior ultimately leads to burnout. I’ve been fortunate enough that this has not occurred. I snap out of it, take mental note of my crazy habits, take a step back, and in walks the Rest Day. Love it or hate it—the Rest Day is valuable and should be included in any fitness regimen. Here’s why… Continue reading

Why Workout?

Workout Sign

Why Workout?

I’ve been immersed in the fitness world for so many years now that I often forget some are just entering—jogging their first jog, pushing through their first push-up, and stretching through their first yoga class. I feel that nearly everyone wants to work out and knows that they should work out, yet for some, those first steps through the doors can be excruciating! The good news though is that once that first step is complete, the second step is easier, the third step is even easier, and the fourth step is not so much a step as it is a run to the gym doors because you can’t wait to work out!! (Don’t roll your eyes at me…it really happens!! 🙂 ) Though most know they should work out, some still may need convincing. Here are the three main reasons in my opinion of why you should work out on a regular basis… Continue reading

Brides – My Niche Market

My husband and I were married on March 16, 2013, so just a little bit over a year and a half ago. Our engagement was LONG, but that was exactly how I wanted it! From our engagement to the day we were married, over a year and a half had passed as well. I am a lover of planning and organizing, so prepping for one of the most important days of my life was an undertaking that I knew would take time. I am extremely detail-oriented and a tad bit of a perfectionist (just a tad 😉 ), so our engagement was an ideal length of time for me to set the wedding up just as I wanted to. Throughout the preparation, I attended a handful of bridal shows and thoroughly enjoyed them. I actually told my Mom that I’d miss going to them when all was said and done!! Continue reading